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What is Notice Compensation?

What is Notice Compensation? Speaking of work, let’s briefly touch on the definition of notice pay in case of dismissal in this paragraph. Yes, such a concept exists, and it is legal and obligatory to provide compensation to the worker by the employer if certain conditions occur as per the law. Let’s talk about the definition of compensation, we come across the following definition when we refer to the notice compensation: I am writing this by underlining the employer, who works in any sector, without informing the employee, or before the notice period expires, that is, before the end of the notice period, the employee is liable to be paid to the employee upon dismissal. is the compensation. This definition should also be said within the employee. In other words, if the employer leaves the job without bringing his responsibility to the employer, what is the notice compensation to the employer? He has to give. In other words, notice indemnity is valid for both parties.

What is the Resignation Process?

So what’s the quit process for this? Let’s get to this topic. In order to receive or give compensation, the following conditions must be met. The employee or employer is obliged to act according to the law when the employment contract is terminated. In other words, the relationship between the employer and the employee must end as specified by the law. If any party does not comply with this period for leaving the job, in this case, the party that does not comply with the process is obliged to pay compensation to the other party. In this case, it is included in Article 17 of the Labor Law and the rights of the employee and the worker are protected.


Let’s come to the question of how the notice indemnity process is calculated. In order to calculate the compensation, one of the parties must first be under the obligation to pay the notice indemnity. In this case, the calculation is made as follows. Again, in the case specified in Article 17 of 4857. Law; in cases that do not last 6 months from the start of the study. Two weeks after the notification has been made to the other party, the dismissal may be provided or the job may be left. For those who work longer than 6 months, it is calculated as follows: For someone who works between 6 months and 1 and a half years, 4 weeks should be given after notification. For someone working between 1 and a half years and 3 years, 6 weeks after the notification and 8 weeks after the notification is made for someone who has been working for more than 3 years.
In short, after the notification is made, a process is recognized for the employees within the above-mentioned period and if there is a dismissal or dismissal before this process ends, the party that does not comply with this process will be sentenced to pay compensation in accordance with the law. This is how the notice pay works, and it is aimed not to victimize the employee or employer by law.

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