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Ozan Soylu Law Office

Ozan Soylu Law Office is headquartered in Istanbul and we have lawyers in many major cities of Turkey who are specialized in their fields and provide support to our team. This allows us to be active and effective throughout the country. In addition, we are in close cooperation with various academicians and financial advisors who are experts in their fields in order to provide full service to our clients.

Our office, which believes that all kinds of information should be kept confidential and carefully kept in the relationship between the attorney and the client, continues its activities within the framework of the relationship of trust. Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Firm provides services in many fields such as Criminal Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Consumer Law, Labor Law, Inheritance Law, Civil Law and Foreigners Law. You can also contact us here to get the best service and to get detailed information about our service areas.

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Criminal Law

Labor Law

Family Law

Consumer Law

Real Estate Law

Inheritance Law

Civil Law

Law of Foreigners

Uncontested Divorce Case

Contested Divorce Case

Custody Case

Child Support Payment Case

Alimony for the Spouse Case

Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Compensation Case

The Denial of Paternity Case

The Matrimonial Regime Case

Action for Inheritance Sharing

Action for Reduction in Inheritance

Action for Equalization in Inheritance

Partition Suit

The Denial of Inheritance Suit

The Issuance of Certificate of Inheritance

Drafting Will

Collusion Suit


Guardianship (Legal Disability) Case

Correction of Name and Surname

The Action for Declaration of Absence

The Case of Changing Gender

The Action for Getting Older

The Action for Getting Younger

Other Cases

Adequate Pay Cases

Deed Registration and Cancellation Cases

Eviction Cases

Expropriation Cases

Partition Suit

Actions for Recovery of Property

Determination of Rental Price Cases

Assize Court Cases

Criminal Court of First Instance Cases

Information Technology Crimes

Objection to Measures of Protection

Attorney of the Aggrieved and Complainant

Appeal, Cassation and the Revision of Judgment

Other Criminal Disputes

The Application for Residence Permit

The Application for Work Permit

Objection to Deportation

Turkish Citizenship Transactions

Real Estate Disputes of Foreigners

Company Setup

Other Disputes


Legal Counselling for Individuals

Legal Counselling for Companies

Legal Counselling for Foreigners

The Evaluation of Contracts

Drafting Contracts

Dispute Roadmap

Other Counselling Services