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Actions defined as crimes and the sanctions to be applied are criminal law.

It is the branch of law that protects the savings made to acquire property.

Labor Law is the branch of law in which the relationship between the employee and the employer is regulated.

The subject of inheritance law is the property of the deceased.

Family law deals with family matters and encompasses civil law.

Civil law defines rights and responsibilities between individuals.

Consumer rights are a branch of law protected by national laws.

Transactions and Disputes in the Field of Foreigners Law.

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Ozan Soylu Law Office

Ozan Soylu Law Office is headquartered in Istanbul and we have lawyers in many major cities of Turkey who are specialized in their fields and provide support to our team. This allows us to be active and effective throughout the country. In addition, we are in close cooperation with various academicians and financial advisors who are experts in their fields in order to provide full service to our clients.

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Get the most accurate legal practices in the fastest way. Get the results you want!
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Good Law Practices

With our team of lawyers who are experts in their fields, we provide the most accurate legal practice for you.

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Our office protects the sensitivity and confidentiality of its clients within the framework of its principles.

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Desired Results

Our office will carry you to the desired results with its years of experience.

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