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Law of foreigners refers to all rules established for the citizens of foreign countries living in Turkey because they are foreigners. Due to these rules, the foreigners may not benefit from certain rights at all or may benefit from them in part. Because of international events, the developing trade understanding and cultural movements recently, Turkey hosts foreigners from various countries. These people not only live in Turkey but also engage in some commercial activities. At this point, it becomes essential for foreigners living in Turkey to know about their rights and limitations. Our legal office offers counselling services in the regard and helps foreigners with the litigation process. These are the some issues of Law of Foreigners;

Transactions and Disputes in the Field of Law of Foreigners

  • Entrance to Turkey
  • Residence Permit for Foreigners
  • Work Permit for Foreigners
  • The Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship
  • The Acquisition of Real Property in Turkey
  • The Capital Movement of Foreigners in Turkey
  • Company Setup, Bank Account Opening and Other Commercial Transactions by Foreigners
  • International Protection
  • Provisional Protection
  • Deportation

Foreigners Law means the whole of the rules applied to foreigners in accordance with the Constitutional Law in Turkey and the rules that come into force when international agreements are included in the Constitutional Law in accordance with Article 90 of the Constitution. These Rules are generally based on the principle of reciprocity. Most importantly, Ozan Soylu Law Firm has been providing legal consultancy services to foreigners since its establishment.

As Ozan Soylu Law Firm, we provide legal consultancy to our domestic and foreign real and legal person clients in the light of our purpose and legal mission. We can list the main legal consultancy services we provide as follows;

  • Residence permit of foreigners who want to live in Turkey,
  • Making, following up and concluding work permit and extension applications of foreigners,
  • Making, following and finalizing the citizenship application procedures of foreigners who want to acquire Turkish
  • Citizenship,
  • Providing all kinds of legal services for foreign real and legal persons to acquire real estate in Turkey.

For more detailed information about Legal consultancy to foreigners, you can contact us on our contact page. As a result, Ozan Soylu Law Office believes that all kinds of information should be kept confidential and carefully kept in the relationship between the attorney and the client, and continues to work within the framework of trust.