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Certificate of Inheritance in Turkey

Certificate of inheritance or inheritance decree is an official document that evidences the heirship of legal heirs, appointed legatees or inheritance beneficiaries. Certificate of inheritance clearly shows all heirs and functions as notification if any heir objects to the heirship of other heirs. The heirs may file a case for their objection relying on certificate of inheritance.


Certificate of inheritance is issued by civil courts of peace or notary offices at the request of the relevant persons. When the application is made for this purpose, the court or office makes the necessary investigation on the registry of the legator and issues certificate of inheritance for the requesting party. Under the such following situations, the court or office may reject issuing certificate of inheritance;

  • The need of making more detailed investigation
  • There is an ongoing case for issuing certificate of inheritance
  • The party requesting for issuance of certificate is a foreigner
  • The state of being missing

Who can Request for the Issuance of The Certificate 

Legal heirs, appointed legatees and inheritance beneficiaries may request for the issuance of certificate of inheritance. The request can be made to Civil Courts of Peace or notary offices.

If the legator is in debt, the creditors of the legator may request the issuance of certificate of inheritance from the execution office.

The Cancelation of Certificate of Inheritance

Certificate of inheritance issued by the Civil Court of Peace or notary office  can be cancelled at the request of relevant persons due to the erroneous number of  heirs, the indication of the wrong person as a heir or the error on the share of heirs. That certificate of inheritance is erroneous should be proved before the court. Otherwise, certificate of inheritance is deemed as correct by the court.

No time is set forth for canceling certificate of inheritance. The invalidity of certificate of inheritance can be claimed any time.

Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Office offers  legal counselling service in the field of Turkish Inheritance  Law and  helps its clients with the issuance or cancelation of certificate of inheritance.

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