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Divorce Attorney Fees in Turkey 2024

How are Divorce Case Attorney Fees Determined in Turkey?

In Turkey, attorney fees for divorce cases are determined according to fee schedules published annually by the provincial bar associations. These schedules specify the minimum and recommended amounts that attorneys should receive for handling different types of cases, including divorce. Attorneys typically charge a fee that falls between these minimum and recommended amounts.

2024 Divorce Attorney Fees According to the Minimum Fee Schedule

For the year 2024, the attorney fees for handling divorce cases are outlined in the Minimum Attorney Fee Schedule. This schedule sets the baseline fee at 17,900 TL plus VAT for a divorce case. Including the 10% VAT, the total fee becomes 19,690 TL. This amount represents the minimum fee officially recommended by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and the Ministry of Justice. It’s important to note that attorneys may adjust their fees above this minimum based on the effort and time the particular case requires.

Fees for Different Types of Divorce Cases 

Contested Divorce Case Fee:

The fee for a contested divorce case depends on the complexity of the case. For Istanbul, the minimum attorney fee for such cases in 2024 is set at 19,690 TL including VAT. However, depending on the complications involved, attorneys may recommend a fee as high as 78,000 TL.

Uncontested Divorce Case Fee:

For an uncontested divorce in Istanbul, the minimum fee is similarly set at 19,690 TL, with a recommended fee reaching up to 52,500 TL, reflecting the simpler nature of these proceedings.

Additional Costs When Filing a Divorce Case Without an Attorney

If you decide to file a divorce case without the assistance of an attorney, the following fixed court fees apply for 2024:
Total Fixed Fees: Approximately 2,132 TL, which includes:
Filing Fee: 427.60 TL
Proxy Fee: 60.80 TL
Advance Fee: 427.60 TL
Expense Advance: 1,120.00 TL

These fees are necessary for the administrative aspects of processing a divorce case in Turkey.

Comprehensive Overview of Fees and Expenses

The divorce process entails various fees and expenses beyond the attorney’s charge:
Proxy Stamp: Required for the legal recognition of the proxy, costing 96.00 TL.
Expert Fee: Depending on the expert’s field and the nature of the work, this can range from 2,000 to 5,000 TL, typically shared between the parties.

Common Questions About Divorce Attorney Fees in Turkey

Payment in Installments: Many attorneys allow their fees to be paid in installments, with terms specified in the contract.
Determining Fees: Fees are generally based on the case’s complexity, the attorney’s experience, and the requested services.
Fee Adjustments and Legal Rights: Decisions about fees are typically made at the case’s conclusion, with the court setting the final fee based on presented evidence.

For those facing the complexities of divorce in Turkey, understanding the structure of attorney fees and associated legal costs is crucial. This guide aims to clarify these aspects for anyone needing to navigate the financial obligations of divorce proceedings.

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