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Istanbul Company Lawyer


Istanbul company lawyer is lawyer who provide legal consultancy to private companies, joint stock, limited liability companies and companies with divided capital. With the developing living standards, the number of companies established is increasing day by day. However, the legislator focused on joint stock companies. In this context, companies are obliged to have a lawyer according to their capital amount. Company lawyers are closely interested in all legal problems and legal processes of the institutions they consult, especially in commercial law and labor law. Istanbul company lawyer assumes the responsibilities of the company he is consulting and acts as the representative of the legal entity of the company on the legal basis. The duties of company lawyers may vary according to the needs of the company in question. Istanbul company lawyer takes all the legal measures to protect your company’s legal personality and takes care of your company’s best interests. In this context, they fulfill the necessary legal procedures for you in the entire process from the establishment stage to the termination stage of your company and prevent the company managers from losing their rights.


Istanbul corporate lawyers perform various duties and undertake obligations in accordance with the interests of the companies they represent.

1. Controls the contracts to be signed by the company.

2. Prepares the company’s main contracts.

3. Makes the transactions of the shareholders.

4. Carries out the transactions for capital increase and decrease.

5. Provides legal advice to the company.

6. Carries out the enforcement proceedings on behalf of the company.

7. Follows up the lawsuits filed against the company.

8. Files a lawsuit in favor of the company.

9. Observes the rights of workers and employers in accordance with labor law.

10. Takes necessary actions regarding tax disputes related to the company.

11. Gives the necessary answers to the warnings sent to the company.

12. Arranges and controls commercial agreements and contracts.

13. Prepares loan agreements.

14. Arranges the agreements between the partners.

15. Makes the transactions of share transfer.

16. Prepares dealership and agency contracts.

17. Makes legal proceedings regarding the division, merger or dissolution of the company.

18. Follows the process of bankruptcy and liquidation of the company.


Cases for the collection of receivables of the company

In case of disruptions in the collection of the company’s current accounts, Istanbul company lawyers initiate the legal process required for the collection of these receivables and follow this process. These receivables may originate from invoices or from foreign exchange such as checks and promissory notes. Contractual debts are also collected within this scope.

Cases of exiting the partnership of the company

In the presence of some justified reasons, you can file a lawsuit to leave the partnership through Istanbul company lawyers. Likewise, it is legally possible for one of the partners to be expelled from the partnership of the company by litigation based on some reasons.

Bankruptcy Case

The bankruptcy of the company may be requested after the bankruptcy decision has been duly taken due to some reasons such as the inability of the company to pay its debts. For detailed information, you can consult company lawyer Istanbul.

Dissolution Cases of the Company

The lawsuits for the dissolution of the company are a lawsuit filed for the termination of the company’s legal personality. The reason for the dissolution of the company will be evaluated by the judge. Executing this process together with an Istanbul company lawyer will prevent you from losing your rights.


Under Turkish law, there is no obligation to hire a lawyer, except for some criminal cases. In this context, you can either conduct your case yourself or get legal assistance from any lawyer registered with the bar association. However, it should be noted that lawsuits arising from the legal personality of the company have a very complex legal process. It is quite risky for individuals who do not have legal knowledge to carry out this process on your own. The basis of company law is Commercial Law, and this branch of law includes very difficult law provisions to analyze. We recommend that you conduct your case with the help of Istanbul company lawyers in order to obtain the result in your favor in accordance with your interests in your concrete case. In order to avoid irreversible grievances, your Istanbul company lawyer will carry out all the legally obligatory procedures on your behalf and save you time. In addition, your company lawyer will provide you with legal support not only for disputes arising from commercial law, but also for all legal disputes in every field, and you will not need to have another lawyer. Since Istanbul corporate lawyers are experienced lawyers specialized in this field, they will prevent all legal actions that may cause damage to your company and will act as a shield for your company.


Corporate law is a highly technical field. Therefore, the lawyer you work with should be experienced in this field. In accordance with our law, although every lawyer is qualified to follow every case, the need for branching was felt in some areas. Istanbul corporate lawyers, on the other hand, will provide effective legal support for your company as senior lawyers who are focused on the field of corporate law and know the intricacies of this field. Therefore, when choosing your lawyer, you should pay attention to whether he is experienced in the field of company law or not.

Since the company’s legal entity has an unstable structure, your company lawyer should follow all your legal transactions meticulously and provide the necessary working discipline in this context. The Istanbul company lawyer will fully perform all the transactions that need to be taken care of on behalf of your company and will follow all the processes. As a requirement of this dynamic nature of companies, it is of great importance that you actively communicate with your company lawyer. Istanbul company lawyers will inform you in detail about all the procedures managed by the company they represent and will respond to your requests.

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