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landlord tenant lawyer

Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Turkey 

Landlord Tenant Lawyer 

A Turkish landlord tenant lawyer specializes in the field of landlord-tenant law, having gained significant expertise and experience in this area. Working with a skilled landlord tenant lawyer in Turkey is crucial to prevent the loss of rights for both landlords and tenants in disputes related to tenancy.

Turkish Landlord Tenant Lawyer

A Turkish landlord tenant lawyer revises and regulates rental contracts from clients according to the provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations (TCO), prepares various contracts and protocols compliant with Turkish landlord-tenant law, and deals with all disputes arising from rental relationships, such as eviction lawsuits and rent determination cases, representing both tenants and landlords.

Which Lawyer Handles Landlord and Tenant Issues?

A specialized Turkish landlord tenant lawyer handles landlord and tenant matters, which can include:

– Determination or adjustment of rent,
– Eviction of the rented property,
– Termination of rental contracts,
– Disputes arising from the performance of obligations under a rental contract,
– Termination of the contract due to unpaid rent by the tenant,
– Compensation for normal use by the tenant upon the end of the rental contract,
– Damages from misuse of the rented property by the tenant,
– Eviction upon the expiration of the rental contract period,
– Eviction based on a written eviction commitment.

If the property for rent is located in Istanbul, it is advisable to hire a landlord tenant lawyer from Istanbul, as a prompt, quick, and correct intervention by an attorney based at the property’s location is essential in case of disputes.

Does a Lawyer Prepare Rental Agreements?

While there is no obligation, rental agreements can be prepared by a lawyer. Having a rental agreement prepared by a specialized landlord tenant lawyer can benefit the individuals involved as the lawyer can eliminate any deficiencies in the content of the rental agreement, potentially protecting the landlord from future problems and ensuring fairness for the tenant.

A law office can prepare a rental agreement and also provide consultancy during its preparation. A lawyer needs special authorization to sign a rental agreement. If the power of attorney specifies that the lawyer is authorized to sign rental agreements, then the lawyer can sign.Considering that many problems can arise from standard rental agreements, having a lawyer prepare a rental agreement can prevent future disputes for both landlords and tenants.

At the law offices of Ozan Soylu, we specialize in the field of landlord-tenant law, offering a robust suite of services designed to protect the interests of both landlords and tenants. With a deep understanding of the complexities of Turkish landlord-tenant regulations, our team, led by Attorney Ozan Soylu, provides expert legal representation and advisory services. We are committed to ensuring that all contractual and legal matters are handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise, offering our clients peace of mind and proficient resolution of disputes in this critical area of law.

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