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The aim of consumer law is to protect the consumer. The consumer is in the weaker position socially and economically while purchasing goods and services. Consumer law aims to prevent possible damages of the consumer that may result from its ignorance about goods and products.

While consumer rights are protected by national laws, the legislator and executor wishing to reach global standards in the filed of consumer law make regulations in accordance with international conventions to protect the consumer. Recent developments in e-commerce and the increase in online sales because of it makes consumer law more different and the increase in the online sales increases disputes at the same rate.

Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Office offers counselling services on consumer law to protect consumers, thinking that consumers may be lack of necessary knowledge and experience in the field of consumer law and helps its clients with cases arising out of consumer disputes. We also guide our clients about different consumers cases in order tor protect their consumer rights.

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Defective good in consumer law means that the qualities of goods or services do not comply with the qualities of goods and services  set out in the contract concluded between the consumer and the seller or provider or do not comply with the qualities they should have according to standard conditions.

Material Defect

Material defect is the physical defect on the good. If a good is torn, broken or dirty or a car is damaged or used, it is considered that such goods will not serve for the expected purpose, so material defect arises.

Legal Defect

The sold good is in compliance with the contract or standard conditions. However, in the event that any legal quality of the good prevents or limits the consumer from using the good, there is a legal defect. To give an example, the sold good is under confiscation.

Economic Defect

If a good has a defect for economic reasons such as not being as efficient as stated before or not being economical as stated before, there is an economic defect. To give an example, a car cannot reach a definite speed although it has been stated it can do so or a washing machine cannot do the washing as well as stated before. In such cases, economic defect arises

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