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In a broader perspective, criminal law can be divided as substantive criminal law and procedural criminal law. Procedural criminal law refers to penal proceedings. Namely, it focuses on the procedures for proceedings for punishment or non-punishment. On the other hand, substantive criminal law focuses on what actions constitute a crime and general principles applicable to crimes.

Punishment means a response to a criminal action. Criminal law focuses on these actions. As a result, criminal law deals with actions defined as a crime and sanctions to be applied to them.


When criminal law is applied, there are several principles that has to considered and complied. These principles are as follows;

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  1. Rule of Law Principle
  2. Lawfulness Principle
  3. Proportionality Principle
  4. Humanity Principle
  5. The Equal Protection of Law Principle
  6. Fault Principle
  7. Individual Criminal Responsibility
  8. In Dubio Pro Reo Principal


When the public prosecutor learns that the crime is committed, the investigation process is initiated. In this stage, the public prosecutor collects evidence for the case of the suspect and may decide to take the suspect in custody if it deems it necessary. The public prosecutor may also request for search order or confiscation from the criminal court of peace. The prosecutor conducts such activities by means of police force.

If the prosecutor collects adequate evidence, it files an indictment.  This indictment is submitted to the component criminal court. The court may admit or return the indictment. If the indictment is admitted,  criminal proceedings start. In this stage, the component court trials the accused, which is called as the defendant in this stage. The court may rule imprisonment, punitive fine or suspension or  may exonerate the defendant and deliver an acquittal judgment.

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