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In labor law, the relationship between the employer and the employee is established, and the rights and obligations of the employee are set forth by the law. With developing and changing systems, labor law also changes an

iş hukuku çalışma alanları

d develops. According to the Turkish Labor Law, the employee “ is a natural person who works based on an employment contract.” The employment contract is a contract wherein the employee undertakes to work as dependent on the employer, and the employer undertakes to pay a wage to the employee in return for this work.

In Turkey, disputes arising out of  Labor Law are settled  in Labor Courts. Mediation in labor cases is a new practice in Turkish law. For several cases, the remedy of mediation should be exhausted before filing a case. The purpose of mediation in labor cases is to prevent the employer and employee from lengthy and tiring legal process and enable them to obtain their rights speedily. In addition, it is also aimed at decreasing the workload of labor courts.


  • Labor courts are component for such cases.
    • Cases related to payments to the employee such as severance pay, payment in lieu of notice or compensation for bad faith damages
    • Cases related to the wage of the employee such as net wage, overtime pay or paid annual leave pay
    • The injury, death or disability resulted from working
    • Other declaratory and different kinds of cases resulted from the employer-employee relation falls into the field of labor law

Working systems constantly change and thus new working systems are introduced. New working methods such as full time, freelance or distance work have emerged, and labor law should be adapted to various working methods.

Employers also have to maintain the employer-employee relation in accordance with the law. Otherwise, they will suffer from material and immaterial damages and their business activities will be hindered.

Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Office works with an expert team on labor disputes in İstanbul and in Turkey. Our office also offers counselling services on cases like severance pay of the employee, payment in lieu of notice, overtime payment, reinstatement claim or action for fixing of period of service connected with Social Security Institution.

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