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In real estate law, we usually see disputes arising out of real property, and this field of law is regulated by relevant legal provisions. Real estate law protects the disposition of real property by individuals under the ownership right, which is a constitutional right.

Real property law includes real property that can be owned by natural persons or legal persons such as land, estate, building, apartment block, apartment, house, office or the like. It regulates the purchasing, leasing and other forms of disposition on this property.

Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Office works with an expert team in cases arising out of real property and construction law and in making necessary transactions. We also offer the legal counseling service on real property law.


The most outstanding cases arising out of real property law are as follows;

  • Adequate pay casesgayrimenkul hukuku avukatı
  • Possessory action
  • Right of easement cases
  • Hypothecate dispute cases
  • Partition suit
  • Actions for recovery of property
  • Expropriation cases
  • Condominium law-related cases
  • Determination of rental price cases
  • Action for pre-emption right
  • Deed registration and cancelation cases
  • Eviction cases
  • Cases related to revision of error in deed registry


Partition suit is one of the most common disputes in real property law. In the partition suit, the parties request for terminating the partnership on real property, which is in the form of either joint ownership or co-ownership and turning the ownership into personal ownership.

Partition suit can be concluded in two ways;

  • The property is partitioned in proportion to the each partner’s share and the ownership of each partition is transferred to the relevant partner.
  • The property is sold and the monetary price obtained by the sales is shared by partners in proportion to their shares.

The component court in the partition suit is the civil court of peace. The suit is filed in the court in the place where the real estate is situated.

Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Office offers speedy and effective solutions and collaborate with an expert team in managing the process in partition suits. Ownership is a constitutional right and any dispute on this should be resolved professionally.

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