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As Acıbadem lawyer, we are a legal profession group specialized in legal transactions such as legal consultancy, defense, litigation and we are practicing this profession. Lawyers work to defend the rights of their clients, enforce the law, and protect the legal system. Lawyers work in accordance with the laws and regulations of attorneyship and are usually required to register with a bar of attorney.


As lawyers working in Acıbadem we handle the following types of cases. Some of these are those:

1. Acıbadem Criminal Lawyer: These are the cases where people who commit crimes.

2. Acıbadem Company Lawyer: These are the cases regarding the disputes between businesses and companies.

3. Acıbadem Divorce Lawyer: These are the cases filed by the spouses to terminate their marriage.

4. Acıbadem Inheritance Lawyer: Refers to the lawsuits filed regarding the sharing of the inheritance of the deceased person.

7. Acıbadem Real Estate Lawyer: These are the lawsuits dealing with the legal transactions and disputes of the real estates.


Acıbadem Divorce Lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal consultancy and representation services to his clients in divorce cases. A divorce lawyer works to protect the rights of clients in matters such as reaching an agreement between the parties in divorce proceedings, sharing of property, custody and alimony. These lawyers work to ensure that the divorce process goes in favor of their client, and they fight to achieve results in their clients’ favour.


Acıbadem Real Estate lawyers are lawyers specializing in real estate law. Real estate law is the branch of law that regulates the legal problems of immovable property. Real estate attorneys provide legal advice to their clients in real estate transactions such as title deeds, leases, purchases, mortgages and division of properties. Real estate lawyers also provide services in legal activities such as dispute resolution, mediation and court processes to protect the rights and interests of their clients.


Inheritance lawyer is the lawyer who represents the person in the execution of the inheritance transactions after the death of a person, consultancy in the execution of the legal proceedings and in the court processes. Inheritance lawyer, by representing the parties in inheritance cases, protects the rights of the client in sharing the inheritance, making legal transactions in the inheritance, validity of the will, declaration of assets and other legal issues.


The importance of hiring a lawyer allows you to defend your legal rights in many situations. Especially when facing a lawsuit or legal issue, it is important that the legal professional set the right strategies and protect you legally.

One of the most important advantages of a lawyer is knowledge of legal processes. A lawyer has important knowledge of laws, regulations and court processes and can give you advice.

In conclusion, the importance of hiring a lawyer is to support you in legal processes, defend your rights and offer legal solutions. You may need the help of an experienced and qualified lawyer to understand the complex world of law.

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Acıbadem Lawyer

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