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Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate in Turkey *2024

Police Clearance Certificates (PCCs) in Turkey

In an increasingly interconnected world with opportunities for travel, migration, and employment, the ability to demonstrate a clean criminal record has become crucial for many individuals.

Turkey, serving as an international hub for business, education, and cultural exchange, requires Police Clearance Certificates (PCCs) for various purposes including employment, visa applications, residence permits, and adoption procedures.

If you have lived in Turkey for a significant period and are preparing to apply for permanent residency or citizenship elsewhere, obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for your time spent in Turkey becomes mandatory.


This article provides a guide covering the basic requirements, application methods, and relevant authorities for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Turkey.


Management of Criminal Records in Turkey

Essentially, a Police Clearance Certificate serves as confirmation of your clean criminal record or provides a copy of your criminal history if applicable. Also known as a “Criminal Record Certificate“, “Judicial Record Certificate” or “Police Clearance Certificate”, a PCC serves as an official document verifying whether an individual has been involved in any criminal activity within a specific jurisdiction.

Records of Turkish citizens with convictions finalized by Turkish or foreign courts and recognized under Turkish law, as well as records of foreigners who have committed crimes in Turkey, are transferred to a central registry maintained by the Directorate General of Judicial Records and Statistics of the Ministry of Justice.


To obtain a Police Clearance Certificate, individuals must either personally apply to the courthouse or authorize a lawyer to do so. If you opt for a lawyer to obtain it, the power of attorney must explicitly state the authority to obtain the Police Clearance Certificate record.


Understanding the Purpose of a Police Clearance Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate issued by Turkish authorities provides a detailed overview of an individual’s criminal history in the country. It typically includes information on finalized convictions, ongoing criminal cases, and fines imposed by the court. The primary purposes of PCCs in Turkey include:

Employment: Many employers in Turkey, especially in sensitive sectors such as public services, education, and healthcare, require PCCs as part of the background screening process for both Turkish citizens and foreign nationals.

Visa and Residence Permit Applications: PCCs are often mandatory for individuals applying for long-term visas or residence permits in Turkey. Immigration authorities use them to assess the eligibility of applicants to reside in the country.

Adoption: In both domestic and international adoption cases in Turkey, potential parents are generally required to present PCCs to demonstrate their suitability for adopting a child.

Other Purposes: PCCs may be required for various reasons such as volunteering, joining specific organizations, or traveling to countries with stringent entry requirements.

Eligibility Criteria of Police Clearance Certificate

To apply for a Police Clearance Certificate in Turkey, individuals must meet the following criteria:

Turkish Citizens: Anyone holding valid Turkish citizenship, regardless of their place of residence, can apply.

Foreign Nationals: Foreign nationals who have resided in Turkey for a significant period or require PCCs for purposes related to their stay in Turkey can also benefit from this program.


Methods of Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Turkey

There are three main ways to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in Turkey:

1 – In-Person Application:

– Visit the General Prosecutor’s Office in the city where you reside.
– Submit a formal application form along with the required documents, which typically include:
– Valid identification (Turkish National ID Card (Kimlik Kartı) or passport)
– Proof of residence in Turkey (if applicable)
– Application fee
– The processing time may vary depending on the location and workload, but generally, it takes a few days to several weeks.

2 – Online Application Through e-Devlet:

– Access the e-Devlet platform ( using your Turkish ID number and an e-Devlet password (obtainable from post offices).
– Search for “Adli Sicil Kaydı” or find it under the services offered by the Ministry of Justice.
– Complete the online application form and upload any necessary supporting documents.

3 – Legal Representation for Foreigners

For foreigners residing outside Turkey, a more convenient option is to grant Power of Attorney to a Turkish lawyer. This allows the lawyer to apply for a PCC on behalf of the foreigner.

Authorization for the deletion of judicial records must also be included in the power of attorney. The purpose of the request for criminal records must be stated when requesting them. Criminal records may be provided to the following individuals:

– The person concerned and their attorney with explicit authorization in the power of attorney,
– Upon request by foreign states based on the principle of reciprocity.


Role of a Turkish Lawyer

Working with a Turkish lawyer significantly facilitates the process of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate for various reasons:

Managing Bureaucracy: A lawyer well-versed in Turkish legal procedures can guide the foreigner through the application process, ensuring all necessary documents are prepared correctly and submitted on time.

Overcoming Language Barriers: Legal documents and communications in Turkey are generally in Turkish. A lawyer can provide translation services on behalf of the foreigner and effectively communicate with relevant authorities.

Representation and Advocacy: In case of any unforeseen issues or complications during the application process, the lawyer can act as the foreigner’s advocate, resolving any disputes and protecting the foreigner’s interests.


Legal Services for Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate for Foreigners in Turkey

Our office provides legal assistance to foreigners requesting criminal record checks from Turkey.

Foreigners, former residents, and Turks in need of a police clearance certificate can rely on our legal services. Whether residing abroad or locally, we streamline the process efficiently. Here’s how:

Remote Assistance:

We offer remote assistance via power of attorney for foreigners residing outside Turkey. Clients can authorize us to act on their behalf, simplifying the process without the need to be physically present in Turkey.

Representation in Turkey:

For those in Turkey, we provide comprehensive representation throughout the criminal record acquisition process. We fulfill legal requirements, liaise with relevant authorities, and ensure the procedure is completed smoothly and in a timely manner.

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