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Civil law defines the rights and obligations of individuals, government agencies, private organizations and non-governmental organizations in their interactions with each other. The violation of a civil right or obligation does not lead to criminal processes or sanctions. Civil Law provides regulations on from personal rights to how the heirs behave following the death of the legator and how they share the inheritance. Civil law grant rights and impose obligation to and on individuals with such regulations.

Civil law covers a wide range of issues and includes Law of Persons, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Obligation Law and Property Law. Attorney Ozan Soylu Law Office offers its clients legal counseling services on disputes that may arise out of these sub-branches of civil law and execute the case process. Receiving legal counseling by individuals is essential to protect their legal rights, which are mostly strict personal rights, and prevent possible damages that may result from not sufficiently protecting legal rights. On the other hand, the main dispute areas of Civil Law are divorce cases and cases resulted from divorce in the field of family law, and Inheritance Law cases. Although the other fields of Civil Law is also important, these are the most common cases.

Our legal office mainly works on the following cases in the field of civil law. We work with expert teams on every kind of  Civil Law dispute. The followings are the most common cases in the  field of Civil Law;

Family Law Disputes

  • Uncontested Divorce Case
  • medeni hukuk çalışma alanalarıContested Divorce Case
  • Custody Case
  • Child Support Payment Case
  • Alimony for the Poorer Spouse Case
  • The Action for Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Compensation due to Divorce
  • Actions for the matrimonial regime of participation in acquired property
  • The Denial of Paternity Suit
  • Paternity Suit
  • Recognizing the Child
  • Establishing Adoption
  • The Action for the Termination of the Adoption Relation

The Law of Persons Cases

  • Guardianship (Legal Disability) Cases
  • The Correction of Name Case
  • The Change of Gender Case
  • Declaration of Absence Case
  • The Action for Getting Older
  • The Action for Getting Younger

Inheritance Law Disputes

  • Inheritance Sharing Case
  • Action for Reduction in Inheritance
  • Action for Equalization in Inheritance
  • The Denial of Inheritance Case
  • The Action for the Issuance of Certificate of Inheritance
  • The Action for Deed Cancelation and Registry based on the Collusion by the Legator
  • Action for Recovery in Inheritance
  • Drafting Will
  • Action for the Annulment of Will

For more detailed information about Civil Law, you can contact us on our contact page. Ozan Soylu Law Office believes that all kinds of information should be kept confidential and carefully kept in the relationship between the attorney and the client, and continues to work within the framework of trust.